Nurse's Clinic

The safety, health and wellbeing of your little gem is our prime concern. All Little Gems teaching staff are Pediatric First Aid qualified and the School has an onsite dedicated NHRA approved Nurses Clinic that is staffed with a Pediatric Registered Nurse. In the interest of hygiene and the wellbeing of all of our students, if your child is showing symptoms of sickness, please do not bring them to school.

If a child shows signs of illness during the school day, they will be assessed by the School Nurse and parents will be informed. First Aid and infant paracetamol will be administered with parental consent. In the unlikely event of a more serious incident, parents will be informed immediately, and the child will be taken to the nearest hospital which is the American Mission Hospital in Saar.

Please note that as per School policy, children with fevers may not return to school until they have been without a fever for a period of 24 hours.