Welcome to Little Gems Nursery where we support our bigger ‘gems’ to take the next step in their personal and academic development and prepare them for ‘big school’ Reception. Nursery classes cater to the developmental needs of 3 to 4-year-old children and your child starts working towards achieving the British Early Learning Goals in particular those focusesd on numeracy, literacy and independence. Exploration and learning through play ensure your child’s day is filled with fun and joy, while a strong emphasis is also placed on numeracy and literacy and the world around them. In Nursery classes the phonetic alphabet is introduced using the Jolly Phonics scheme and there are daily pre-reading and writing activities to prepare children for their Reception year.

Nursery classes, which are for children who are fully toilet trained and out of pull ups, commence at 7.45am until 12.15pm and children must be registered to attend 5 days per week. There is an early drop off and after school care programme available on request where children will engage in extra-curricular fun learning activities under the supervision of an experienced Early Learning professional.