Registration & Fees

We are delighted that you are considering Little Gems to be an important part of your child’s developmental journey at this critical stage in their learning lives!

Please note that Pre-Nursery children may be registered to attend either 3,4 or 5 days per week. Also note that Pre- Nursery students who begin the academic year on a part time basis cannot be guaranteed extra days later on in the same school year due to availability and to ensure that the optimum student to teacher ratio is maintained. Part time Pre-Nursery children may not be accommodated for special events including school photograph days and parties. They may also miss out on certain activities such as dancing and P.E, as these are scheduled on the same day every week and changed on a per term basis.
Nursery children must be registered to attend 5 days per week.

Please note the schedule of fees below. You may click here to register your child for the upcoming school year.

Please find the schedule of fees for 2020-2021 below:

Year Group Attendance Fees Per Term
Pre-Nursery 5 days per week BHD 770
4 days per week BHD 685
3 days per week BHD 605
Nursery 5 days per week BHD 795

School Fee Policies

• Fees are payable per term as per the due date stated on the invoice (The school
  reserves the right to request a deposit for school fees in advance of the due date)
• Deposits are non-refundable.
• Fees are accepted only in Bahraini Dinar as cash or a cheque drawn from a local
  Bahraini bank (postdated cheques are not accepted) benefit pay or credit/debit
• Invoices are issued one month prior to payment due date.
• If fees are not settled by the due date a child’s place cannot be guaranteed.
• Fees paid are non-refundable unless written notice is given by email in person at
  the Little Gems administration office prior to the start of the term. 50% of fees will
  be refunded, excluding any deposit.
• Refunds given after the term has started are pro rata, not exceeding 50%.
• Fees are due for the entire term regardless of student absences or holidays.
• The school reserves the right to increase fees during the school year.
• Once the school term commences fees can only be refunded under the following
         • The child has not settled, and it is agreed between the school and the
           parents to try again at a later date.
         • The child is excluded by the school.
         • The child has to leave for compassionate reasons (the school will assess
           each case individually).
         • The child’s family is relocating and leaving Bahrain. (The school requires a
           month notice and a stamped letter from the parent’s company of
           employment stating that the family will not be returning to Bahrain in the
           next 6 months).
         • Refunds will not be given under any circumstances should Little Gems
           Pre-School be closed due to any ministry directives, cases of COVID within
           the school or other extenuating circumstances related to Coronavirus /
           COVID-19 or other strains of the virus..