Tips for the First Day

The first day of pre-school is here! We understand you are worried - and that is completely natural! However, rest assured your little gem is in safe hands!

Pre-School is new to your child, and that will create a few tears in the first week or two - so be prepared. However, we do find that in most cases after Mummy and Daddy or Carers have said goodbye, your child will be distracted by all the fun new toys and activities and will quickly settle in.

Tip - Goodbyes should be as quick as possible (10 minutes or less!)

Once your child knows the routine of Pre-School, and that you will always come back, they quickly settle in and enjoy the activities. Note that if your child is upset, we will give them all the attention and comfort they need, however if a child becomes distressed, we will call the parents and suggest that the child is collected early.

Tip - Start with a shorter day and gradually increase the time.

Tip - Tell the teacher about your child’s favourite toys and activities.

Pre-School will be your child’s favourite place to go!