Drop Off & Pick Up

The school gate opens at 7.40am every day to welcome our little gems! To ensure safety and a smooth flow in the morning, parents are requested to follow safe driving outside Little Gems. The safety of our children is of paramount importance and as such we ask drivers to remain under the speed limit of 15 km/p and refrain from using mobile phones to remain focused as little gems can move fast!

Early Drop Off & After School Care Programme At Little Gems we understand the pressures of work and parenting and strive to make your day that little bit easier with Early Drop off & After School Care Programmes provided at an additional cost.

If you need to drop your children a bit earlier than regular class timings, we provide an Early Drop Off Programme at an additional cost. An experienced Carer will supervise your child and engage them in activities from 7.10am until the regular class begins.

For parents who are unable to collect their child at the end of regular class timings, After-School Care is available at an additional cost.
Children will participate in different activities every day until 1.15pm.