Principal Welcome

  • I am very happy to find a committed management and teaching team, an engaging and caring community of parents and children that are just delightful.

    The children are at the centre of everything that Little Gems does.  We are constantly adapting and changing the setting to offer new and exciting opportunities for the children and to give them new experiences to help them develop and learn.

    We combine the highest standards of teaching and learning experiences, together with a strong emphasis of community and traditional values.    

    During my fourteen wonderful years in Bahrain, I have raised my two boys (aged 7 &13) and seen pre-school and educational standards rise year on year.  In this time, I have seen my children thrive in environments where collaboration, communication and openness are at the forefront of relationships between parents, teachers, and the school. 

    My door is always open, and you can always contact me via email

    I welcome you to the wonderful Little Gems family.

    Daniela Massa
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